tirsdag 6. januar 2015

Picture of the week - week 2/2015.

Tidlig i forrige uke forsvant vinteren igjen fra Romerike. I hvert fall for en stund. Vedlagte bildet var det siste jeg så av den. 10 minutter etter at bildet var tatt regnet det. Jeg håper den kommer tilbake i all sin herlighet.

And then an english translation as promised :

Early last week the winter disappeared again from Romerike. At least for a while. The attached picture was the last I saw of it. 10 minutes after the picture was taken it was raining. I hope it comes back in all its glory.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you very much for the translation :)
    And doing it yourself is way better than that what google does :D
    Looks like you were in the right moment at the right place.
    Beautiful snowy trees and the golden sunlight - perfect :))
    I also hope the snow returns - so I get to see more of your beautiful snow photos :)
    And maybe even I get some of that here ;)
    Have a fine day without rain

    1. Thank you. Well, Google is not a "world champion" in translating. Neither am I, but I try my very best. Unfortunately my vocabulary aint very good. But training makes better, I hope.

  2. Look at those amazing colors. So beautiful.

  3. Thank you, Rick.The colours of the winter are very special. I love them.