torsdag 13. april 2017

Ukens bilde - 15/2017

Vår i Nordre Øyeren naturreservat.

Springtime in Nordre Øyeren nature reserve.

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  1. Beautiful reflection in the water, I love it, Rolf¡
    Thanks, always thanks

    ((I wrote to you two comments in an old post; please, could you go read them, tell me what you think, or if it seems okay, or if it seems wrong. I await your response, whatever it may be, to this gift that I made for you, with all my affection, for your photographs))

    In this is the old post:

    montserrat m.

    1. Thank you, monteserrat m. Glad you like my picture.

      I'm sorry you have not got any answer on the comments in an old post. Google have not informed of this comments and I seldom check this old post my self.

      I must say I love your work with my pictures. I think yoy have picked pictures and music that have an excellent match. I really like it an thanks you for a splendid gift.

      I hope my pictures will continue to inspire you to further work.

      Greetings Rolf


    2. Thank you very much, Rolf, I am very glad that you liked my gift, it was very beautiful for me to interlace your photographs according to the music to make the video.
      I will continue here when you publish new amazing and beautiful works, :)
      A big hug for you, always health and good day

      montserrat m.