mandag 13. mars 2017

Ukens bilde - 11/2017

Fortsatt er det stille i båthavna.

Still it is quiet in the boat docks.

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  1. Muy buen encuadre con esas dos diagonales que guían nuestra vista

  2. How beautiful, the air is so pure looking at it.
    Thanks, always¡

    I’m a small poet, I have written a little poem, inspired by this photograph, and I hope you like it...

    Still snow sticks to bodies in the water.
    Beyond is the cold white
    talking about winter
    -by the hole where the air escapes-
    to your eyes embraced to the clouds.

    montserrat m.
    with love (cariño) for you, Rolf

    (my apologies for the bad english translation:

    Todavía la nieve se adhiere a los cuerpos en el agua.
    Más allá está el frío blanco
    hablándole del invierno
    -por el agujero por donde se escapa el aire-
    a tus ojos abrazados a las nubes.)

    1. Muchas gracias. I love your poem and I am very glad my picture inspire you to write it.

  3. One-time all BEAUTIFUL! The picture is like a graphics technique done! Have a nice week;-)

    1. Thank you, Anne. Wish you a nice week too.