mandag 23. mars 2015

Picture of the week - 13/2015

Et tre. Felt for mange år siden og hatt mange vintre under snøen. Sopp, mugg, mose og råte gjør sin jobb og gjør treet bare vakrere og vakrere for hvert år.

A tree. Cut down many years ago and had a lot of winters under the snow. Mushrooms, mildew, moss and rot are doing their job and makes the tree only more and more beautiful year by year.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful picture Rolf :)
    I also love things with a lot of structure,
    like old trees or rusty things :))
    Have a wonderful week

    1. Thank you, Knipsa.
      There is a lot of poetry in such old things, whether it is in nature or abandoned buildings, rusty things as you say, etc...
      A wonderful week to you too.